Two restaurants that offer a wide variety of cuisine.

At present the group, along with its sister concerns operates two restaurants in and around Kunnamkulam; namely Ruchi Village Restaurant  and Rajmahal Ruchi Restaurant , both located on Calicut road, near Kunnamkulam, Thrissur District.


One of the finest restaurants along highways in Kerala , Ruchi Village is unique in many aspects. Being a sister concern of the Rajmahal Ruchi Catering group, it proudly shares the culture of great food coupled with outstanding hygiene and hospitality.

Our legacy dates back to more than half a century and over the years we have evolved to being the most trusted names in food and hospitality. 

The food we serve is pure and made using the best natural ingredients. Age old authentic  recipes as well as the best of modern cuisine are served to give you a memorable experience. Also, we welcome our esteemed guests to share their recipes to add on to our repertoire.

We welcome you to enjoy the best of Indian food in this distinctive heritage ambience.